Plenary Session

Melissa Pagán

Dr. Melissa Pagán is Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Religious Studies at Mount Saint Mary’s University. Dr. Pagán is a lay Catholic decolonial feminist ethicist. She holds a PhD in Religion, Ethics, and Society from Emory University. Her areas of research include analyses of the logics of global coloniality in the increasing militarization of both physical and ideological borders between persons and issues of race, gender, and sexuality in Catholic Social Thought.

Craig A. Ford, Jr.

Craig A. Ford, Jr., joined the faculty at St. Norbert College in August 2019. A moral theologian, Professor Ford writes at the intersection of the Catholic moral tradition, queer theory and critical race theory, with a particular interest in reclaiming an epistemology of pleasure in the discernment of the natural law. A scholar-activist, Professor Ford is a sought-out speaker for sexuality and racial justice workshops and seminars, and his current book project seeks to articulate a new theology of sex and gender for the Roman Catholic tradition.