Words as Trance-Formation in Prayer

“Remember the entrance door to the sanctuary is within you!” (Rumi) 

In this interactive workshop we will honor ourselves as the Word become flesh. By using words, silence, images, breath and being present to what is placed before us, we will live the “I AM” of knowing that everything, including ourselves, is a prayer!   

We will examine revelations you have encountered on your spiritual journey and the personal trances they have not permitted you to fully declare yourself as mystical or sacred. 

By playing with words and respecting the receptive revelations of silence, we will create prayers that embrace our words and open devotion’s doors into our sacred soulful sanctuary. By being still, active, and respecting our deep-seated knowing, we accept the trance-formation that takes place through the conscious raising of sacred energy and the unearthing prayer of our becoming. 

Come, Let Us Magnify the Sacredness of Our Souls!