"Rompe la tela deste dulce encuentro": Mysticism, Human Persons, and God's Queer Love

My book Queer God de Amor is about the mystery of God and the relationship between divine and human persons. This is the third book in Orbis' new series, Disruptive Cartographers: Doing Theology Latinamente. The book revisits central themes in trinitarian theology by turning to the sixteenth-century teaching of Juan de la Cruz on mystical union with God and the analogue of sexual relationship that he uses to describe this union. In accordance with the series’ objective to “disrupt” the cartography of theology, this book engages John of the Cross through “queer” eyes. It retrieves from John, in the light of contemporary queer theologies, a preferential option for the bedroom as a locus theologicus and human sexuality as an experience in daily life that is pregnant with possibilities for resourcing the Christian doctrine of God. This workshop will offer a window into the personal and communal experiences that led me to write this book and invite participants to consider some key theological questions in this effort to disrupt, queer, and rethink trinitarian theology.