Dignity Young Adult Caucus Pilgrimage: Crossing Borders – Insights into the Immigrant Experience

Cross the US/Mexico border, about half an hour south of the conference hotel, and spend the day learning from communities that have welcomed those wanting to learn about the immigrant experience for more than 20 years. Without picking up a paintbrush or a shovel, the day is an opportunity to reimagine what justice looks like to refine our questions of privilege and work towards building mutual relationships. Sign up to meet college students who live in Tijuana, visit residents at a home for those living with HIV, share a meal with migrant men, and understand how the border affects our community. 

  • Meet at the hotel at 8:45  a.m. for a brief introduction and an hour drive to the San Eugenio mission 

  • Orientation with the youth group of San Eugenio mission 

  • Visit with people of La Morita, including at Las Memorias, a residential facility for people living with HIV/AIDS 

  • Have lunch at Playas de Tijuana (bring cash—yes, cash--for lunch!

  • Spend time along the border fence on the Mexican side, and learn about the history and impact of the border 

  • Share dinner with migrants at Casa del Migrante (provided) 

  • Reflect and share as a group on the experience 

  • Due to unpredictability with border wait times, it is difficult to know exactly when we will be able to return to the hotel, but previous groups have usually returned between 7:00 – 9:00 PM 

This pilgrimage will be led by Aaron Bianco, Professor of Theology at San Diego University. Aaron regularly takes students on similar trips.  

Passport Required 

This trip is open to those 18-39 years old